There was an Old Person of Hove


Where are we, Debbie? And who’s the sponsor?

July 20, 2017

The tourists, mods and rockers all go to Brighton.  Hove is where a lot of quite posh people live.

Anyone for a swim?
That tall thing is the British Airways i360 in Brighton

The inspiration for the i360 observation tower came from the architects, husband and wife team David Marks and Julia Barfield, who famously originated and designed the London Eye.

The graceful curve of Adelaide Crescent, built in the 1850s

Time to visit the Hove Museum and Art Gallery.  It included a large display of vintage and not-so-vintage toys: these were interesting, but there is nonetheless something poignant about seeing once beloved toys locked in display cabinets, or labelled Do Not Touch.

Creepy enough for you?

More impressive was the

Hove Amber Cup

which was discovered in 1856 during the construction of Palmeira Square. It is one of only two found in Britain, and has been dated to the mid-Bronze age, c.1250 BC.  It was found in a coffin made from a tree trunk, and it is believed that the amber came from the Baltic region – suggesting that in those days Britain was open to trade with Europe.

Could not persuade any wrens or rooks to join me

Close to where that tranquil Old Person above is lying, the Anthaeum was built in 1832.  This grandiose project was conceived by botanist, landscape gardener and writer Henry Phillips in conjunction with architect Amon Henry Wilds. Under the world’s largest dome would be a 1.5-acre tropical garden filled with exotic shrubs, flowers, birds and fish.  Unfortunately the builders removed a supporting pillar crucial to the design and took away temporary scaffolding holding up the glazed dome. On its opening day in 1833, the structure spectacularly collapsed, shocking Phillips so much he is said to have gone blind.  The wreckage lay where it fell for the next 20 years.

After a tough morning’s Learing, it was time to treat ourselves to a delicious lunch at The Better Half, a gastropub run by Rik’s friend and ex-colleague Simon.  It tasted even better than it looked!





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