There was an Old Person of Shoreham


I assume the fellow in white is also following the Edward Lear trail

July 19, 2017

Muslim scholar Muhammad al-Idrisi, writing c.1153, described Shoreham as “a fine and cultivated city containing buildings and flourishing activity”.  I am pleased to confirm that this is still the case.

The waterfront. Possibly more photogenic at high tide and in sunshine.

I asked one of the locals why there so many boats in the harbour and none in the sea: didn’t the owners ever put to sea?  He said nobody ever would.  In Shoreham.

A short detour to New Road, to where Debbie’s great-grandfather Owen Harrison retired in the 1920s.
St Mary de Haura Church, founded in 1093 by William de Braose, 1st Lord of Bramber.  Sorry if you already knew that.

Tragically Shoreham made the news in recent years when, on 22 August 2015, a vintage jet aircraft crashed onto the nearby A27 during a display at the Shoreham Airshow,  killing 11 people and injuring 16 others.  The cause of the accident was found to be pilot error.

No need to bring your bucket and spade
Just as well it wasn’t raining in that cellar, given the state of my Umbrella. I couldn’t say whether all the people of Shoreham were pleased by the way I sate.
Shoreham lighthouse, first lit in 1846.




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