There was an Old Man of Three Bridges


Expand it, look, you can see it says “Three Bridges Station” above the doorway.  Rik seems to have his mind elsewhere.
Oh all right then, unbelievers, can you read this one? (We didn’t test the affordability or the luxury).

July 19, 2017

“I don’t think you’ll find much to write about in Three Bridges” said Debbie.

We’ll see.

Debbie was not anticipating the appeal, for example, of one of the eponymous Bridges:


Three Bridges was a hamlet which grew with the coming of the London and Brighton Railway in 1841. Interestingly, the village was not named, as some think, after rail bridges, but after three much older crossings over streams in the area.  Obvious, really, because otherwise before the railways arrived the place would have been called No Bridges.

Caroline Haslett’s chief interest was in harnessing the benefits of electrical power to emancipate women from household chores, so that they could pursue their own ambitions outside the home.
Both the inspiration for, and a filming location for the late Roger Moore’s classic 1979 Bond film.

See, Debbie?  There’s always something fascinating there if you scratch beneath the surface.  So it was not without a hint of sadness that we said our farewell to this most charming corner of Crawley.

Ah, nearly forgot.  The re-enactment.  Of course.

Unrelieved by any Veal

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